Junction Car Wash

Unlimited Wash Club

From rain to heat, winter salt, or pesky bird droppings, a lot can happen to the exterior of your car in a month. And if you’re like a lot of car owners who like their car looking shiny and clean all the time, but don’t want to pay a fortune, then the Unlimited Wash club is for you.

Save money

Membership to the Unlimited Wash Club costs less than the cost of 2-3 individual washes a month. In short, if you wash your car 2 or 3 times a month, you save money! If you come four times a month, you’re getting your car washed at half price compared to the one-time wash. You can’t beat that! Better still, there are Unlimited packages available on all of our wash options to best serve your needs and preferences.

Unlimited Wash Club Membership

Works Unlimited Package

$ 29.99
/month +tax
  • One year contract
  • Our best and ultimate wash with Turtle Wax: Fire Superior Clean, ICE UV Protectant, Triple Foam Conditioner and Tire Shine

Executive Unlimited Package

$ 26.99
/month +tax
  • One year contract
  • The Rim Lovers Wash including Tire Shine and Triple Foam Conditioner

Deluxe Unlimited Package

$ 22.99
/month +tax
  • One year contract
  • Includes undercarriage wash, soft cloth body scrub and tire cleaner

Express Unlimited Package

$ 19.99
/month +tax
  • One year contract
  • Our Basic Wash

Our Junction Car Wash Club Unlimited Packages will provide you the ultimate in car care and ensure you always enjoy

..which you have come to expect from Junction Car Wash